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contoh soal text explanation

Many young people have difficulty deciding where they will live when the time comes to leave home and make their own way in the world. Among the more common alternatives are sharing a house or flat with other young people, and finding full board and lodgings in someone else's home.
Renting a house with other young people offers the advantage of a high degree of freedom and independence. On the down side, renting involves a variety of responsibilities that may be more than you wish to take on. This would mean you would be responsible for making large rental payments if one or more of the people you are sharing with should move out of the house or flat. It might also mean that you are held financially responsible if they damage the dwelling.
Finding board and lodgings, on the other hand, has significant advantages. Generally you have no responsibility for the cleaning or maintenance of the dwelling or its gardens, other than to take reasonable care of your room. However, living in board and lodging circumstances has its drawbacks too. You have less freedom and flexibility in your lifestyle.
In the end, the decision each person makes will depend on their own personal valuing of independence and of convenience, as well as their feeling of readiness for taking on the considerable financial and other responsibilities of house or flat rental.

1.       The text mainly discusses about …
  1. sharing a house
  2. cleaning a house
  3. deciding where to live
  4. renting a house
  5. finding full board

2.       “Finding board and lodgings, on the other hand, has significant advantages.”
      The underlined word means …
  1. gained position
  2. rooms rented to live
  3. supply of materials                  
  4. work of cutting down trees
  5. ability to convince

3.       The writer’s purpose of writing the text is …
a.       to present two points of view about deciding where to live
b.       to persuade readers to rent a house with other young people
c.        to describe how to decide to find a rented house
d.       to inform readers how to decide where to live
e.       to explain how to find board and lodgings

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